TrustedClean 3.1

Minimalistic software designed to improve sound quality, performance, stability, latency, and responsiveness of Windows computers

TrustedClean works by temporarily adjusting CPU priorities, IO priorities, affinities and system timers, and by terminating explorer.exe on demand. It makes almost no changes to system settings, doesn't write to the registry, and doesn't run in the background ("0.500ms" feature is the only exception to this rule). TrustedClean can also be used to properly launch Orya's executable that eliminates DDR memory jitter.

TrustedClean31.exe (2023-11-07)

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What CPU Optimiser is doing:

What Core Isolation is doing:

What "0.500ms" feature is doing:

What Temporary Core Mode Emulator is doing:

What Player Launcher is doing:

What ES Launcher is doing:

What Portable mode is doing:

Compatible with (and tested on):

Disabling too many system services makes the sound worse, not better. This is especially true for modern OSes like Windows 11 or Server 2022. There are very few system services that can be safely disabled without a negative impact on latency, input lag and sound quality. It is highly recommended to use unmodified, untweaked, non-optimized installations of Windows.

For the best results, it is recommended to use Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2022 or Windows 10 22H2. WS 2012R2 is bloat-free, WS 2022 is bloated but incredibly efficient at using system resources. Both will likely provide SQ superior to any other Windows build.

MusicBee, AlbumPlayer or BugHead launched via Core Mode Emulator will sound better than the vast majority of commercial audiophile players.